Our Story

Chimney Check Professionals is one of the few chimney inspection companies in Southern California to offer inspections only. Our inspectors do not perform or sell repairs and they do not accept referral fees from any repair companies that we may refer to our clients. Our purpose in doing our inspections this way is to provide clients with honest, factual information about the fireplace and chimney system and to assist them in making educated decisions regarding any future chimney maintenance or repairs.

Our Inspectors have performed over 20,000 inspections since 2002.


John LeBaron

Chris R

Chris Richeson


Laszlo Draskoczi

Our Inspectors have performed 30,000 inspections since 2004 and are three of the most experienced inspectors in our industry.

Chimney Check performs Level II inspections per the National Fire Protection Association. A Level II inspection is required in all transfers of ownership. The inspector will check all portions of the chimney exterior and interior, including areas within accessible attics, crawl spaces and basements. Additionally, a video camera is put inside of the chimney so that we can view the inner portion of the chimney. Virtually none of the flue system can be viewed without a camera and we find fire safety issues within the chimney that would otherwise have gone undetected such as cracks in the masonry systems or improper installations in the newer prefabricated systems.

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