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Is your chimney a fire risk?

Unless you have your chimney inspected there's no way to know what's happening inside.

You could have hairline cracks caused by earthquakes or settling which could potentially create roof fires. There could be debris partially blocking the flue causing excess smoke. Santa might not be able to make it down your chimney next Christmas! The point is, you don't know how safe your chimney is unless you have it professionally inspected, which is why you should give us a call.

We give you the certainty and peace of mind you need as a homeowner or when you're buying a home.

Our professionally trained inspectors use state-of-the-art video camera equipment to thoroughly visually inspect the inside of your chimney to spot any damage or obstructions so that they can be handled appropriately. Then we'll provide you a comprehensive written report outlining our findings and recommendations, and a narrated video of the inspection performed (where applicable).

Don't be caught with thousands of dollars in chimney repairs.

As either a homeowner or a home buyer, a damaged chimney can cost you thousands in repair, so it's always the best idea to have it inspected so that you have no surprises.

Avoid potential
• Fires in chimney
• Smoke problems
• Hidden costly surprise repairs.